About Hubert Howe Bancroft

Hubert Howe Bancroft was an American historian and publisher. He was born in Granville, Ohio[] on May 5th, 1832 to abolitionist, Azariah Ashley Bancroft and Lucy Howe Bancroft. His childhood home was a stop on the underground railroad and is now a dormitory at the Denison University in Granville.

He was married twice, his first marriage to Emily Ketchum in 1859 (died in 1869) and his second marriage to Matilda Coley Griffing.  In all, he had five children.

His career began in Buffalo, New York, as a clerk in his brother-in-law, George H. Derby's, bookstore.  In 1852, he traveled to San Francisco to setup a West Coast shop for the store.  The book store eventually grew into a publishing house that supplied texts for schools and printing labels for cans.

He devoted himself entirely to writing and publishing works of history.  He is said to have collected over 45,000 texts of history including maps, manuscripts, newspapers, and oral dictations that covered all areas of history although his focus seemed to be American history.  Even in The Book of Wealth, you will see that the largest chapters are those of America.  He employed six people for ten years to index his collected works.  You'll find some of his works for sale below.

His death came in 1918 in Walnut Creek, California after being struck by a streetcar.  He is buried in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma, California in section L, lot 27.

Some notable landmarks bearing his name:
The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley
The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Contra Costa County, California
The Bancroft Ranch House Museum in San Diego, California

This is a short biography on Bancroft and much of the information was taken from his Wikipedia page and The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.

Grave Marker
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Grave Marker
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Image taken from: Find A Grave

Ruth Bancroft Garden
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Bancroft Ranch House Museum
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Bancroft House, Denison University
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Bancroft Library
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Some books by Bancroft: