About This Site

This site took over a year to assemble in my spare time.  The most time consuming task was preparing the text from images of the book.  The text for this site was obtained by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and is not perfect.  I have "lightly" proofread the text and most of the spellings that were correct in 1898 but would be incorrect today have been changed from the original text.  As an example, the Greek characters Æ have been changed to Ae and Œ has been changed to Oe. I have also changed spellings of cities that were spelled different then as well as miscellaneous words such as Mediaeval have been changed to their more accepted spelling today. If you find an error on the site, please contact me.

I have not edited any of the content of the book. In it, you will find some rude and racist comments.  As an example, in Chapter 26: Southern Sates, you will find the comment: "the Negro as a rule is by nature lazy and improvident." There are a few other comments similar to this about other races or nationalities in the book.

I have slightly changed the chapter layout of the book. In the original format, the chapters on Art and Architecture were mixed in throughout the chapters on the United States. I have moved all of the Art and Architecture chapters to their own section.

I offer the book here for free and realize that by putting the text online, it will soon be copied all over the Internet.  If I have saved you from buying a low quality PDF scan of the book (as most of the eBooks of this book are), I will gladly accept a $1 (or more) donation for my time.  You can use the donate button below.  Or, if you see another book on this site that grabs your interest, when you click the link and purchase it, I receive a small commision on the sale.

I have had several requests for an eBook version of the book and have decided to make one available for $2.99  You can purchase the eBook here.