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I have had many requests for an eBook copy of The Book of Wealth that is easier to read and navigate than the online version that is presented here for free so I created an eBook in several formats available below.  

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Chose the format that best fits your device and click "Buy Now", the book will be instantly available for download after payment.

EPUB     $2.99
Most common format. Works with most devices.

MOBI     $2.99
Best choice for Amazon Kindle devices.               

PDF       $2.99
Works well with PC and Mac computers.             

If you prefer to purchase through Amazon, it is available here:  buy from amazon

Which Format?

Which format should you choose?

If you are not sure which format to purchase for your device, use the following table as a general guide.

If you purchase a format and it doesn't work correctly on your device, please contact me.

 PC or Mac  EPUB or PDF

 Apple Devices  EPUB or PDF

 Kindle Devices  MOBI, PDF or Amazon Digital Delivery

 Android Devices  EPUB or PDF

 NOOK Devices  EPUB

 Other Devices  EPUB

Why Charge?

Why charge for this eBook when I criticize others sites for selling copies of this book?

  • Time: I have many hours invested in making this book available online for FREE. Creating the eBook took a fair amount of time as well. The other sites have no time invested. From what I have seen, they all sell the same PDF copy of the book.

  • True eBook: The eBook I have created is different from others that are being sold online in that is a true eBook, available in several formats to meet your needs and contains a table of contents, is properly formatted, etc. If you buy the eBook from another site and pay $25 or even $50, you will receive a scanned PDF copy of the book. PDF will be the only format available and it may be difficult to read on your preferred device. It will probably not contain a table of contents and it will not format correctly to your Kindle or preferred reading device.

  • Honesty: I do not try to sell the book as containing secret or mystical knowledge like other sites do. I clearly disclose that this is a history book and nothing more. You can read more about what the book is and is not here. You can read some of the claims made by sites trying to sell this as something it is not here.

  • Only $2.99: I am not trying to make large amounts of money from this, in fact I have donated more time in creating this eBook, putting the site online, and paying for hosting each month than I will probably ever make back at $2.99 at a time. By charging $2.99, after PayPal fees, I am left with $2.60.  If you purchase through Amazon, after Amazon fees, I am left with $1.05.

There are two dissadvantages to the eBook I have created:

  • Images: It doesn't contain any of the images from the original book, it is only text. If you must see the images, you would be better paying $25 or $50 to another site. I must add that the quality of the images you will get from the other sites is not good and nowhere near the original quality. Most of the images aren't that impressive anyway, most are drawing and paintings and the few photographs that it contains are low quality (think early twentieth century photography).

  • Errors: Because I used OCR (Optical character recognition) to create my eBook, there are some errors. As an example, an "S" may be converted as a "5" or a "W" as "V V". I have lightly proofread the text and corrected most of the errors but doing the entire book myself would be a large task that I do not have the time to take on. I rely on readers to submit corrections here and I update the eBook and online version with corrections.