Sites Selling the Book and are no longer online.

There are a handful of sites that are selling The Book of Wealth in PDF format. Some make claims about the "secrets" and "wisdom" contained in the book but one site is so over the top, I have to list its claims and rebut them with the facts.

The site is located at I will not link to it because I do not want to drive traffic to it. The site reads like a long infomercial (because it is) and is setup as one long scrolling webpage as many of these sites are. It even contains a 26 minute video of the site owner reading the contents of the page! He is selling the book for a "limited time" for $27 (although he mentions selling it for $47 as well).

It was semi-painful to read through the entire sales pitch (and misspellings) but I did. Here are the claims on the site and my facts in bold.

  • The book of wealth has been kept hidden from the general public for over a century.
    • This is not true. There were a limited number of copies printed, therefore it is not a common book. It has not been "hidden".
  • This 10 volume set literally cracks open the code to eternal wealth.
    • There is no "code" to crack. It is a history book.

  • At one point, it incorrectly states that the author is "Hubert Hal Bancroft".
    • The author was "Hubert Howe Bancroft".

  • Claims that the book was written in 1895.
    • The book was published in 1896. It took Mr. Bancroft six years to assemble the book.

  • Claims that only the “Illuminati” owned the book up until now.
    • I can assure you that more people than "the Illuminati" have owned this book.

  • Claims that the book would cost you almost $6300 in today’s money.
    • The first edition sold for $2,500 in 1896. Adjusted for inflation, this would be about $89,000 in 2012 dollars. The second edition sold for $1,000 in 1896, or about $33,000 today.

  • "The information contained within this rare book was not meant for the ordinary man!"
    • There is nothing in this book that the "ordinary man" cannot read and comprehend.

  • Claims the book contains “magic”, “ancient wisdom”, “power“, “principles” and “hidden knowledge” within its pages.
    • The book contains nothing that is not of historical record. Mr. Bancroft was a historian and researched as such. It does not contain "magic", "wisdom", or any such nonsense.

  • Claims that what you are to gain from the book is between you and him (the site author).
    • He did not write the book. There is nothing that he is conveying to you. If anything, it is information being conveyed from Mr. Bancroft. This is just a fluffy sales line.

  • Claims that the book contains “secret wealth building knowledge” to leave your children “multi-million or even billion dollar legacy.”
    • I assure you that the contains no "secret wealth building knowledge" and that you will not have a "multi-million or even billion dollar legacy" to leave them just because you purchased a PDF from this guy.

  • Encourages you to stop what you’re doing, lock your office door, turn off your cell phone, and get rid of any other distractions.
    • This is just a hyped up sales line. There is no reason to lock your door, this isn't a big a secret. You don't need to turn off your cell phone or any other craziness.

  • Claims that the book is not meant for “everyone”.
    • The book is meant for anyone who can read, has an interest in history, and has the commitment to read through a relatively long book.

  • Claims that “they” (they global elite and ultra-rich) want you to think that you can never be wealthy.
    • There is no "they" and no one is keeping you from being successful. With the right mindset, some common sense, and a little bit of luck, you can be as successful as you aspire to be.

  • Claims that somehow “they” are taking money out of your pocket and pitting into their bank accounts and that “they” pay little or no taxes.
    • Again, there is no "they" and no one is taking money from your pockets or tricking you out of your money except for this guy.  The truth is, wealthy people do pay taxes, and a lot of them.  The argument that the wealthy do not pay taxes is false.  Wealthy people do not earn incomes, they reap profits from capital gains.  Capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than earned income. Most wealthy people also choose to tax themselves by donating overwhelming to charitable causes.

  • Claims that the only reason people are rich today is because they had access the “knowledge” and “wisdom” of this book and that this is the only difference between you and them.
    • There is no "wisdom" in this book and the only "knowledge" comes from documented history. There are over three million millionaires in the United States and it is ridiculous to claim that people are only wealthy because they have read this book. Does this guy think that all three million millionaires have read this book?

  • Claims that the book actively helps the "they" mentioned about make money.
    • There is nothing in this book that would help you make or continue to make money.

  • Claims that he (the site author) is not “technically” allowed to distribute the book to “the common man.”
    • There is no reason that a book in which the copyright has expired cannot be distributed freely among the population. There is no "they" that are going to come in the middle of night and stop him.

  • Says that there are three rules you have to abide by if you purchase his PDF copy of the book: 1.) Don’t talk about the book.  It’s a “secret”. 2.) Don’t ask for his personal information because he is afraid that “they” might harm him or his family. 3.) Keep the book private because it is only for you.
    • This is just nonsense.

  • Claims that the book “is not for the weak minded.”
    • The book is for anyone that can read and understand history.

  • Claims that the book is only for the chosen few who stumble on his website.
    • I'm not sure how he can stop the "weak minded" mentioned above from finding his site and ordering the book.  This is just another fluffy sales line.

  • Claims that there are “principles” in the book that are only known by “the Global Elite’s Inner Circle.”
    • There are no principles in the book. It is a history book.

  • Claims the “book will give you the opportunity to rise in the ranks and become independently wealth, more powerful and influential.”
    • It will do no such thing. After reading the book, you'll just know a little more history, nothing more.

  • Claims that the book is a millionaire/billionaire making machine.
    • It's not.

  • Claims that “In less than a year of applying these principles to your life you will start to see your wealth accumulate rapidly.”
    • Again, there are no principles in this book. There is no step-by-step process. It is a book of history that details the wealth of nations and empires.

  • Claims that it is “controversial” that he is selling the book because average people are not supposed to have it.”  He even goes as far as to make a video with his identity concealed because it is so "controversial".  You can watch that video here: He must of changed his sales strategy because it looks like you originally had to watch this little video with his identity concealed and enter your email address to receive a link to the longer, 26 minute video with the sales pitch.
    • It is no more controversial than saying the sun will rise tomorrow.  There is no secret knowledge in this book and there is no "they" that will stop him. There is no written or unwritten law that states that "average" people are not meant to read this book.

  • Claims that people who own the book have more money than they could spend in 20 lifetimes.
    • Not true.

In the fine print of his site, he has a standard statement that basically says every claim about the book making you wealthy is false and that only by "hard work, adding value and serving others" can you become wealthy.

I have to image that with all of these lies about the book, anyone that does purchase it from his has to be very disappointed.

Others Sites Selling This Book — This site sells the book for $27. It makes some claims as to the "timeless knowledge" in the book but it is a strong sales pitch.  It claims that "Now, For the first time in nearly 120 years...YOU can Own The Book of Wealth!" It also mentions that the PDF file isn't a true eBook in that it doesn't read on cellphones, iPads, Kindles, etc.

Update: This site has lowered the price to "just" $19! — This site (which is poorly laid out), sells the book for "only" $47. — Also sells the book for a "special offer" and "ridiculously low" price of $47.  It has been updated to contain much more information and actually admits what I admit on this site: that it is nothing more than a history book and sites claiming it to anything more are false. On this site, they include a preview of the PDF you would buy so that you can see how low quality it is. You can expect this same PDF from all other sites selling the book. The contact page used to point to an email address with the domain but it has been changed. It is being sold here as a "deal of the day" for $47.  It is being sold here for $997!  They allow you to make two monthly payments of $797 (which doesn't add up) but if you add the item to your shopping cart, it comes up as $547! Also operates a Facebook page here:  Sells the book for "just $250" in PDF format. Claims that the book has "wealth building secrets" and references “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction”—it has no relation to any of those things. It also claims that the book is "THE defining text on wealth attraction, and a well kept secret that only John DeMartini has referred to on occasion". It offers a free preview that confirms that they are selling the same low quality PDF scan that all other sites are selling.


I have to imagine that Mr. Bancroft would be appalled at the extent that this book has been inflated and the claims that it contains anything other than history. It contains no secrets, no ancient wisdom. Sorry, it just doesn't.