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Section One


Chapter the First: Chaldea, Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia

Chapter the Second: Egypt, Phoenicia

Chapter the Third: Palestine, Arabia

Section Two

Chapter the Fourth: India, China, Japan

Chapter the Fifth: Central and Southeastern Asia

Chapter the Sixth: Greece

Section Three

Chapter the Seventh: Italy

Chapter the Eighth: Spain, Portugal

Chapter the Ninth: The Turkish Empire

Section Four

Chapter the Tenth: France, Switzerland

Chapter the Eleventh: Belgium, Holland

Chapter the Twelfth: The Austro-Hungarian Empire

Section Five

Chapter the Thirteenth: Germany

Chapter the Fourteenth: Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Chapter the Fifteenth: Russia

Section Six

Chapter the Sixteenth: Great Britain and Ireland

Chapter the Seventeenth: Africa

Chapter the Eighteenth: Australia, The Hawaiian Islands

Section Seven

Chapter the Nineteenth: South America

Chapter the Twentieth: Central America, West India Islands

Chapter the Twenty-First: Mexico

Chapter the Twenty-Second: Canada

Section Eight

Chapter the Twenty-Third: Pacific United States

Chapter the Twenty-Fourth: Rocky Mountain States

Chapter the Twenty-Fifth: Midcontinent States

Section Nine

Chapter the Twenty-Sixth: Southern States

Chapter the Twenty-Seventh: Central Lake States

Section Ten

Chapter the Twenty-Eighth: New England States

Chapter the Twenty-Ninth: Middle Atlantic States

Art and Architecture

Section One: The Wealth of Art and the Art of Wealth

Section Two: Origin, Scope, and Development of Art

Section Three: Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia

Section Four: India, China, and Japan

Section Five: The Classic Era—Greece

Section Six: The Classic Era—Italy

Section Seven: Early Christian and Byzantine Period

Section Eight: Islam and Its Monuments

Section Nine: The Romanesque and the Gothic


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